Ancient Legends (Meditative Edition)

by Eternal Love



Hello, my dear friend and precious listener!!
First of all. I would like to thank you for your warm support of my creative activity and your interest in a such an unusual theme as meditation and meditative music!
My name is Konstantin Karpitsky, And I am a creator of the Eternal Love musical project, and I would like to thank you for your time taken to this album. I will be your guide in this magical journey into the world of your soul.
Are you ready? Let's begin!!

'Ancient Legends' is my first meditative experiment. There are so many technical details that I have put into this music. Everything helps to achieve the alpha condition very fast!

What is inside the 'Ancient Legends' album?
First of all, there is my Eternal Love in every note of this album. But from a technical point of view, 'Ancient Legends' was written in 432 Hz concert pitch (CP). Also, I have combined binaural beats and isochronic tones into the music.
I have listened to a lot of meditative music, and some of it uses too higher a level of binaural beats and isochronic tones with respect to the musical content. I decided to concentrate on the musical aspect of the album because some people find it difficult to meditate, listening to pure binaural beats and isochronic tones or where they overpower the music. So for you, I have created a subtle mix of meditative frequencies to every instrument. This way it is easier to enjoy the meditative process.

What frequencies are used?
Every song starts at a beat frequency (brain wave) of 14.1 Hz and then goes down to 7.83 Hz which is also commonly known as
the Earth Frequency (Fundamental), or a Schumann's resonance.
Towards the end of each song, beat frequency returns to 14.1Hz.
14.1 Hz is a beta frequency. Beta frequency is a normal brain activity frequency for the most people. In everyday life, the brain of an average person works at about 21 Hz.
The rhythm for good health, high intellectual skills, and for genius people is below 19 Hz. I believe that all people are ingenious, so that is why I have chosen the 14.1 Hz for the start of a meditation session.
The other main frequency is the 7.83 Hz. Brain wave frequencies from 7 to 14 Hz are known as alpha rhythms. These are the most powerful and stable synchronous frequencies. Low Alpha rhythms are the condition where sleep can begin and when you can begin to see dreams. This is why the lowest beat frequency is 7.83 Hz. This is our goal for meditations.

A Balance between melodies and meditative components in the music.
Different people prefer to play different music during their meditative process. Some like to play ambient without any melodies. Some people. Like me, where there are some light melodies that help to make a definite mood.
While I was creating 'Ancient Legends' I wanted to make it the most musical way that is possible in the context of meditative music. The goal was to achieve a balance between ambient atmospheres and wonderful melodies, that will help to create a definite mood but will not distract from the meditative process.
To tell the truth, it was not so easy because I love to write beautiful melodies.
Sometimes I had to even stop myself and cut a lot of notes to make melodies not so catchy. But in some tracks, I have decided to leave more melodies in, as an experiment.

My dear Friend, thank you again for your love, warmth, support, and Inspiration. I hope you enjoy this journey into the world of your Soul.

With Love, Konstantin Karpitsky (founder of 'Eternal Love')


released March 23, 2017

Music: Konstantin Karpitsky
Album art: Olga Novikova



all rights reserved


Eternal Love (by Konstantin Karpitsky) Saint Petersburg, Russia

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